Get Involved


Do you enjoy the Russian arts, music, writing or dancing? As an active not-for-profit organization we work with volunteers to take part, manage and run our events. We actively seek and provide opportunities for volunteers to expand their current skills base and gain work related experience that can be used when applying for paid work. We provide training where required and can provide a reference for employment purposes at a later date. We try to match people’s skills, qualifications and interests to the volunteering activity that they will be taking part in while working with us.

If you perform or have special skills or talents then we can help organize a charity concert or event to help raise funds for a philanthropic cause of your choosing.


Run a group or club under our auspice

Have you ever wanted to start your own group or club, but did not know where to begin? We can provide you with information about what needs to be done to get set up. To have the opportunity to apply for government funding, each unregistered organization needs to be overseen by an auspice. The auspice takes contractual responsibility before the grantor, for the recipient. We can act as an auspice for other smaller, organizations before they either become independent or decide to continue working with us as their auspice. We provide Public Liability Insurance to all groups in our care, assist with venue bookings and may provide other managerial support where required.



The Soloukhin Russian Literature Society is a not-for-profit organization and a deductable gift recipient. This means that any donations you make are fully tax deductable. We actively seek public support to help us run events and cover our day to day expenses. Any donations are welcome and provide us with the opportunity to better serve the Russian community.